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Especially for Seniors

FAFSA Information for Seniors


If You Plan to Attend College From You Will Submit This FAFSA You Can Submit the FAFSA From Using Income and Tax Information From
July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 2018-19 October 1, 2017 - June 30, 2019 2016


This is the time of year that all senior students planning on ANY kind of postsecondary education after high school should be working on financial aid forms. One of the forms which must be completed is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Many schools use the FAFSA application to determine scholarships, grants, and other forms of student aid such as workstudy programs. Deadline for filing the FAFSA application is February 1. This is an earlier date than in previous years.


The folks at Kansas Association of Financial Aid Administrators (KASFAA) have created a facebook page designed to help out with filing the FAFSA form.  Senior students and their parents can like the facebook page to receive the latest information and tips on filling out those forms. The facebook page is KASFAA FAFSA Completion.

Be sure to take advantage of the many resources that KASFAA offers to help get those FAFSA forms completed.

Testing Schedule - ACT, SAT, Workkeys Etc.

For information about ACT, SAT, Workkeys and other tests and testing dates, select the link below: 

USD 509 Testing Information

Scholarship Links for Kansas Scholarships

Scholarship Search Check List

Additional scholarship opportunities

  • Black Hills Energy - see website Applicants parent or guardian must be a customer of Black Hills Energy.
  • Sumner County Farm Bureau Scholarship - see website.  Applicants parent or guardian must be a Sumner County Farm Bureau member.
  • Sumner County Hospital District #1 Volunteer Auxiliary Scholarship - see application in locker to the left. 
  • James Ryan Scholarship- Application in the locker to the left.
  • South Haven Local Scholarship  -- see application in locker to the left.
  • Wheatland Lodge Scholarship   - - see application in locker to the left.
  • Maxine LeCounte Memorial Scholarship - - see application in locker to the left.




Some Scholarships that you might be intereseted in

American Legion Scholarships - Scholarships are now available online at

Click the button to the left named “scholarships” then select which scholarship you wish to view and print off the application.


Kansas Board of Regents Scholarships - Apply online at

The following scholarships are available:

  • State Scholarship
  • Ethnic Minority Scholarship
  • Nursing Service Scholarship
  • Teacher Service Scholarship

Contact the Kansas Board of Regents with you questions at 785-296-3518

Kansas Board of Regents

Student Financial Assistance

1000 SW Jackson, Suite 520

Topeka, KS 66612-1368



Naval Reserve office Training Corps


K State Salina


Self Engineering Leadership Fellows Program


The American Legion Department of KS Scholarships


Wichita Legal Professionals Scholarship

Financial Aid Links

Kansas Board of Regents College Information

A fairly new resource from KBOR on searching programs and costs form Kansas colleges and universities is available on their web site,

This online tool identifies all institutions, degree titles and allows you to search for key words that generates a complete list of all the options in Kansas for that area of study.  Users can then generate a comparison chart that shows information on items like Resident Tuition, Fees, Room and Board, Books and Supplies and more.  Each of the institutions will also display an estimated cost for 4 years with the wage and employment information for that area.

Looking for Help in Winning a Scholarship?

The Ultimate Guide to College Scholarships provides actionable tips on applying for scholarships, and also helps students realize how accessible and truly valuable getting a scholarship can be. Higher education costs are at an all-time high, and landing into the right scholarship could be the difference between graduating debt-free or paying off loans for years and years. The great news is that anyone can just be eligible for some type of scholarship. They just need to know where to look and be organized enough to apply. This guide takes them through the steps.

My Senior and Junior Year Financial Aid Check List

Scholarship Information

  • Local Scholarships - check out the local Scholarship  locker on the left hand side of the web page
  • Other Scholarships - check out the Scholarship locker on the left hand side of the web page.
  • Scholarship Info from the Department of Education 
  • Scholarship Search
  • College Search 
  • Consumer Information on Scholarship Scams  
  • College Goal Sunday website for Kansas
  • Scholarships for high school seniors.  
  • Seniors interested in Supply Management or related field.... ISM-Wichita, Inc. Scholarship Program.  See website
  • Fastweb scholarships for seniors 
  • Burger King Scholarship....see website for application.   
  • KACRAO Scholarship.....see application in the Jr/Sr locker on the left side of this website.  Due February 15, 2017
  • Buick Achievers Scholarship....see website for application.    
  • KanOkla Scholarship - go to KanOkla website    downloads/applications......KanOkla Area Youth.  There are many scholarship available through KanOkla. Check each application for due dates.
  • Dale E. Misak Scholarship.  See Mr. Carpenter for the application. Application due to Mrs.Misak April 1, each year.