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  Ron Levan PreK-12 Principal

1st SEm. Honor Roll 2021-22

Superintendent's Honor Roll (All A's)

Grade 12: Devin Brannon, Dylan DeWitt, Elizabeth Giger, MaKaylin Kuchar

Grade 11: Britain Dark, Cole Wiens

Grade 10: Callie Locke, Tatum Rountree, Jacee Theurer

Grade 9: Maggie Byers, Rahlee Colwell, Grayson Kuchar

Grade 8: Tennyson Dark, Addison Heater, Landon Kuchar, Elle Overfelt, Kelly Theurer, Adilyn Welden

Grade 7: Emma Carpenter, Avery Strickland

Grade 6: Emma Wiiest

Grade 5: Landon Goeckel, Carlee Heater, Trista Metzinger

Grade 4: LJ Cullens, Carson Goeckel, Emma Latimer, William Nixon

Grade 3: Natalie Betzen, Makailyn Byers, Natalie Colwell, Josie Ferguson, Chelsea Hankia, Josie Metzinger, Terann Schweitzer, Lyla Wiiest, Jude Zavala

Principal's Honor Roll (A's and B's)

Grade 12: Alyssa Bridges, Grady Howell, Tucker Locke, Macey Pond, Ethan Theurer, Gus Wiens

Grade 11: Syra Stucky

Grade 9: Maddie Minor, Aubrey Pond

Grade 8: Coal VanZant, Aralai Wartick

Grade 7: Madison Ferguson, Aiden Scott

Grade 6: Brody Heater, Ayleigh Nixon, Carley Russell, Will Theurer, Sage VanZant, Cody Wartick, Connor Williams

Grade 5: Jett Bohannon, Braiden Carroll, Courtlyn Cullens, Cheyenne Engle, Caroline King, Logan Kuchar, Aidan Shore, Makenzie Trilo, Xava Wiens

Grade 4: Ashelynnd Feugate, Kylie Tompkins, Emily Williams

Grade 3: River Billey, Brooklyn Henry, Brodie Kelly, Carson Lucas, Madilyn Stafford

From the Principal's Desk

September South Haven Students of the Month!

Congratulations to Carly Martin, September’s Junior High Student of the Month.

Martin is an eighth-grader that has been chosen due to her determination and hard work. She lives with her mom, dad, younger sister, and younger brother. Martin’s favorite color is turquoise. She would describe herself as a fun, kind, smart, and helpful student. Martin loves to play Study Weather in her free time and enjoys helping others. Martin’s favorite subject is Science because she loves to do experiments, do hands-on labs, and learn new things. Martin says, “To be successful you should pay attention, focus, and do your best.” - by Adilyn Welden

Ty Browning has been chosen for September's High School Student of the Month for his deeds at South Haven High School.

Browning is a very cautious person who searches for problems and eliminates them. Twelfth-grader Browning is the son of Maizee and Jeff Browning. He also has three sisters and one brother. He tries to be joyful for everyone he meets, he’s also very kind and loving. Browning also says, “Don’t let anyone get in the way.” In Browning’s first year of high school, he wasn’t great at studying, but he always tried his best and made it through high school. - by Gabe Moncivais

The Cardinal Way

Cardinal Way Expectation Matrix

Just a reminder...

Students may bring an empty bottle, empty tumbler, or empty travel mug to school, then fill the bottle, tumbler or mug AFTER arriving at school.  Drinks opened before entering the building are not allowed in school.

Materials for class.

I have had several questions about which materials are required for JH/HS classes.   The following is a list of required items:

Text book
AR book
Calculator (math classes)
Paper or Notebook
Pencil or Pen
Technology (chromebook/laptop/ipad or equivalent)
Eraser (art class)
Students should have these items in class in order not to be counted as "Tardy - missing materials".   Teachers will address missing homework and / or assignments directly with the student as per their classroom policies.