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From the Principal's Desk

STudents of the Month for February

Tucker Locke is the South Haven High School student of the month for March. Tucker, a sophomore at SHHS, is the son of Garratt and Diana Locke. Tucker’s teachers report that Tucker demonstrates maturity, self-control, and cooperative learning skills. When working in groups, he asks questions, keeps focus, and motivates group members to contribute what they are capable of contributing. He is concerned with his academic performance and will seek help to gain further understanding when directions or concepts are unclear to him. In athletics, he demonstrates good sportsmanship, the perpetual desire to improve his skills, and seeks constructive criticism. Despite being busy with practices and games, Tucker makes education a priority and completes all assignments because he does not view extracurricular activities as an excuse for missing work. In his spare time, Tucker likes to hunt, fish, play basketball, watch movies and hang out with Brittney. 

Alex Smith is the South Haven Junior High School student of the month for March. Alex, an eighth-grader, is the son of Bryan Smith and Crystal O’Hair. Alex’s teachers report that he has consistently shown great classroom engagement and participation in some classes, and recently he has displayed some wonderful academic growth in others. In his spare time, Alex likes playing X-Box, bothering his sister and watching Netflix.

Congratulations to our March Students of the Month!




A Message From Mr. Levan

Hello South Haven!

I’m very excited to welcome everyone to the 2019-2020 school year at South Haven Schools. I look forward to serving all of you in my second year at South Haven. Last year was a very positive and successful one and I have no doubt that this year will be even better! We have a great group of seniors to lead our school this year and I can’t wait to see where they take us.

In order to accomplish everything that we want to do this year, it will take a combined effort from the staff, the students and the people of this great community. I know that I can count on everyone doing their part to make this a great year.

Thank you and remember, It’s always as a great day to be a Cardinal!

The Cardinal Way

Cardinal Way Expectation Matrix

Just a reminder...

Students may bring an empty bottle, empty tumbler, or empty travel mug to school, then fill the bottle, tumbler or mug AFTER arriving at school.  Drinks opened before entering the building are not allowed in school.

Materials for class.

I have had several questions about which materials are required for JH/HS classes.   The following is a list of required items:

Text book
AR book
Calculator (math classes)
Paper or Notebook
Pencil or Pen
Technology (chromebook/laptop/ipad or equivalent)
Eraser (art class)
Students should have these items in class in order not to be counted as "Tardy - missing materials".   Teachers will address missing homework and / or assignments directly with the student as per their classroom policies.