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From the Principal's Desk

January South Haven Students of the Month!

Congratulations to Pake Spencer and Carlee Heater,  January's High School and Junior High Students of the Month.

17-year-old Pake Spencer has been named “January Student of the Month.” Pake came to school here since Pre-K. He was an ornery fellow, but as time grows, he becomes more mature. Pake also looks up to his father because he is a good role model, and he loves to fish with his father. With the improvement in his assignments, Pake deserves this award for following the Cardinal Way. Pake also says “Stick with it, even when it gets hard.” To get the Cardinal Way, there are basic guides that you need to follow: respect, honesty, and being appropriate with appearance, and language. Everyone can improve, but Pake’s improvements make him unique and definitely fit to be Student of the Month. - by Gabriel Moncivais

January’s Junior High Student of the Month is sixth grader Carlee Heater. Heater has been going to South Haven since Pre-School and plans to continue through her senior year. Heater’s favorite class is English because she feels like she learns the most in that class. She also participates in Cross Country, Basketball, Softball, and Track.
When asked if she would rather read a book or watch a movie she chose to watch a movie. Her favorite movie is “Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.” Heater thinks that she got student of the month because she is a good kid, and Heater says to be a better student you should ”pay attention in class, study, and do your homework as soon as you can." - by Kelly Theurer

The Cardinal Way

Cardinal Way Expectation Matrix

Just a reminder...

Students may bring an empty bottle, empty tumbler, or empty travel mug to school, then fill the bottle, tumbler or mug AFTER arriving at school.  Drinks opened before entering the building are not allowed in school.

Materials for class.

I have had several questions about which materials are required for JH/HS classes.   The following is a list of required items:

Text book
AR book
Calculator (math classes)
Paper or Notebook
Pencil or Pen
Technology (chromebook/laptop/ipad or equivalent)
Eraser (art class)
Students should have these items in class in order not to be counted as "Tardy - missing materials".   Teachers will address missing homework and / or assignments directly with the student as per their classroom policies.