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Mrs. Engle

Welcome & Important Information

Hey! Thanks for checking in! I'm looking forward to a great year filled with reading, writing, and discussion.


I will be challenging your child's beliefs, opinions, and perspectives, and asking them to justify their thinking. Even if I agree with them, I'll pretend that I don't, because they must know why they believe what they do, and how to express it.  I'm not here to teach them WHAT to think, but HOW, and how to have productive, good conversation with people who disagree with them. 


Every Monday your student will start the week off with an article that is of relevance to their state, country, or age. They will have one class period to work on this. It will be due on Thursday. I've attached the template for the assignment they will complete with each article.

If we don't have school on Monday, there will not be an article that week. I encourage you to talk to your child about the article and ask them their thoughts on it. Let's encourage them and teach them how to have meaningful conversations. 


Every Friday your student will be given the class period to read material of their choice. I firmly believe that our kids will not learn to love reading, if they are only reading the material that we deem worthwhile. I want them reading at their level, but the content is up to them. The last ten minutes of class will be spent blogging about what they've read or thought while reading, and then having them sharing in pairs using the 45-30-20 strategy. I've uploaded a doc to explain this as well. 


With Monday and Friday spoken for, that leaves Tues-Thurs for "content". I've created living documents for each course  by unit, uploaded to Google Classroom. These will be updated frequently, currently a week ahead of schedule. We don't always get through everything I hope that we would, so I go in and adjust for what was actually done in class. If your student misses a day, this is where they can check for assignments and it cuts out the middle man and waiting for answers. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! 

Class's private instagram: themugglesweekly; request to follow so that you can keep up with some of the interesting things happening here. 


September 17 Article of the Week


Here is a link to this week's article of the week; we're continuing with the topic of mental illness in teens for Suicide Awareness Month.

Please, use it to start a dialogue with your child about mental health. They have all read the article already, so it's a good common ground to start from. 


Have a great week! 

Mrs. Engle and Coach Engle Jumped the Broom
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