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My Class Schedule

1st hr ~ Computer Apps

2nd hr ~ Personal Finance

3rd hr ~ Yearbook

4th hr ~ Plan

5th hr ~ Seminar

6th hr ~ Graphic Design

7th hr ~ Personal Finance

8th hr ~ Accounting

Missy Russell Locker
8/20/18 1:43 PM
8/20/18 1:42 PM

Missy Russell


Welcome!!  My name is Missy Russell and I will be teaching Business and Technology.  On this page, I will include links to the websites that we use along with any other information for your classes.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  Email is my preferred method of contact.

Recently, students from Mrs. Russell's class and Mrs. Blunk's class attended a job fair in Wichita to learn about job opportunities, requirements for the job, working conditions, salary/wages and benefits, and what they could do to prepare for a job they wanted. When the students returned to school, Mrs. Russell's class presented to their classmates about the 5 companies they had visited with and which one they would choose based on what they learned. Students were surprised to learn they could qualify for a job right now, but the good paying jobs they all wanted require more education.

My Family
Russell Family