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My name is Mrs. Wilson and I am the Visual Arts teacher.  Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me! I am looking forward to working with you all this year! 

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Leah Bowlby Wins Two Awards at Cowley Arts & Humanities Day

Leah BowlbyLeah Bowlby, sophomore at South Haven High School, entered artwork for this years Cowley College Arts and Humanities Day. She won two Prodigy Art Awards receiving First Place for her Acrylic Painting and First Place for her Portfolio. This is the first time she was able to enter as a High School student (although she took work when she was an 8th grade student while taking a High school Art class, but she was not really eligible at that time according to their requirements). While at Cowley, Leah was able to tour the Drawing and Painting Department, the Graphic Design Department, and the Theatre set. We are very proud of all Leah's hard work and efforts both inside of class and at home. 


This is how Leah described her process and inspiration for her winning painting titled "Chimerical"...




This painting is called “Chimerical” and I completed it the summer of this year. At the center of the painting, you can observe a gun with eyes on it. To the left of that is the silhouette of a head with some writing on it. What people are mainly focused on when they see it though, are the swirling colorful monsters along the edges.


Whenever I first put paint onto this canvas it was never my intention for it to look like it does. I originally only had the gun, but I ended up not liking it so I put the canvas away and let it gather some dust. Just recently I ran out of blank canvases so I resorted back to this one. The monsters are something I sketched up one night just messing around with designing techniques. I then adapted these sketches and drew them on my canvas.


The colors in this were chosen on the spot as I was painting, risky I know. I also did this in a contrastive order: I painted the foreground (monsters) before the background. The small details on the monsters themselves like their piercings (an easter egg that you can find if you look closely), the saliva, and the back teeth, were also done on the spot. I hadn’t even thought about what was going into the background whenever I finished painting the monsters. I know that I wanted some primary colors and originally that was all that there was. However, if you have ever painted I’m sure you will understand the fact that red paint takes so many layers. I ended going with a purple color for this part. The overall vision of this painting is that the gun of opinions and views has gone off and all of the person's inner demons have escaped.


The process was a lengthy one and took me the longest out of all of my pieces. Music has always helped me paint, rock music in particular. The inspiration for this piece came from the song “Ghost” by Badflower. They are a newer rock band but they have been gaining popularity recently due to this song. The band actually re-posted a picture of one of my other works. Side note: there is no way I can talk about music without mentioning the fact that I am currently blasting the new Shinedown album while I write this.


This piece is more popular than I thought that it would be when I completed it, but I am glad that others seem to enjoy it. So again here is my piece “Chimerical”.


Leah s painting Chimerical



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My Summer Adventure...
My Summer Adventure...
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