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Deana Carothers Locker

Deana Carothers


Welcome to JH ELA, HS Drama, HS Forensics! 

If you should need to contact me, please feel free to do so during my planning period, 4th hour, 892-5215.


Looking forward to a great year!



My Class Schedule

1st hour:  3-5 Reading MTSS

2nd hour:  Plan Period

3rd hour:  6th Grade English

4th hour:  7th Grade English

5th hour:  Seminar/Lunch

6th hour:  HS Drama

7th hour:  8th Grade English

8th hour:  JH Reading MTSS

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Contact Deana Carothers  Deana Carothers 6-8 English/Language Arts, Forensics, School Play
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JH Reading Activity

The focus of our book/reading activities this month has been non-fiction.  Aubrey and Laney shared "proof" of their non-fiction reading with the class.