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Class Schedule

1st- 8:00-8:55 Biology

2nd- 9:00-9:55 Physical Science

3rd- 9:58-10:53 Physics

4th- 10:56-11:51 Physical Science

11:54-12:12 Lunch

5th- 12:15-12:46 Sophomore Cardinal Time

6th- 12:49-1:44 Chemistry

7th- 1:47-2:42 Planning

8th- 2:45-3:40 Physical Science

Twaila Wiley

Chemistry Celebrates Mole Day

Mole DayThe Chemistry Class celebrated Mole Day on October 23. This day (10/23) is celebrated by science classes each year in honor of Avogadro and Avogadro's Number, which is 6.022x1023. This is a number every chemistry student will know well by the end of the year. 

Welcome to Science!

This is a good website to help you make a graph: 


This is a good website to help you choose a science fair topic: 

Science Buddies

 Use the Topic Selection Wizard to get a project idea based on your likes and dislikes.


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