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Math Relays

SHHS Math Relays Competitors
SHHS Math Team

Even though it was a stressful ride home because of the storms, traveling to Flinthills for the high school math relays was well worth the trip. All ten students making the trip contributed to the overall placing.  This included:

  • Tatum Rountree - Geometry team (4th); Geometry (2nd); Calculator Computations (4th); Word Problems (3rd)

  • Grayson Kuchar - Geometry team (4th); Graphing (3rd); Number Sense (5th)

  • Rahlee Colwell - Geometry team (4th); Word Problems (2nd)

  • Cole Wiens - Algebra 2 team (2nd); Senior team (2nd); Graphing/Functions (2nd); Equations/Inequalities (2nd)

  • Syra Stucky - Algebra 2 team (2nd); Senior team (2nd); Equations/Inequalities (3rd); Number Sense (4th)

  • Jacee Theurer - Algebra 2 team (2nd); Graphing (1st); Equations/Inequalities (3rd); Systems of Equations (5th)

  • Elizabeth Giger - Senior team (2nd); Equations/Inequalities (3rd); Potpourri (1st); Number Sense (5th)

  • Brady Russell - Graphing (5th)

  • Brooke Brown - Geometry (5th)

  • Cole Theurer - Graphing (2nd)

Congratulations to all these students for their outstanding performance at math relays!

Math Relays Sponsors

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