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Junior High School

Junior high places 3rd at league math relays

These are our awesome students that placed in the top 10 at league math relays.....enough for a 3rd place overall finish:

Alex Shore: 6th in Integers

Isaiah Bright: 10th in Decimals

Aubrey Pond: 5th in Word Problems

Jacee Theurer: 1st in Ratio/Proportions and 10th in Mental Math

Cole Wiens: 3rd in Polynomials, 3rd in Geometry, 3rd in Probability/Statistics and 7th in Word Problems

Lilah Bowlby: 4th in Polynomials, 7th in Equations, 9th in Order of Operations

Kaydence McCreary: 5th in Equations, 4th in Probability/Statistics

Britain Dark: 5th in Fractions, 4th in Mental Math, 6th in Ratio/Proportions

Ty Browning: 10th in Fractions, 8th in Mental Math

6th grade team got 3rd: Grayson Kuchar, Brady Russell, and Colby Irey

7th grade team placed 4th: Cole Theurer, Jacee Theurer, and Brooke Brown

8th grade team captured 2nd: Britain Dark, Kaydence McCreary, and Ty Browning

Thanks to all these students for their great job!!

Junior High Students Go Online for Science Textbooks

Pearson Elevate Science Cover
Elevate Science

Junior High students have started using a new online science textbook, Elevate Science.  We have been working through some of the kinks and doing many of the assignments as a class as we learn how to use the new textbook.  Students so far have been patient and understanding when their chromebook has been slow at bringing up the required page.  As we get used to it, some of the assignments will be more on their own or in groups.  There will still  be hands on labs/activities.  Some of the activities are online, which is great when there is a place or concept we can't do because of resources and time available. 

So far students seem to be liking the textbook online.  Some of the students like not having to look through a book to find the right page.  They just have to click on the etext that was assigned.  

Each student has their own username and password to use and have the ability to use the site away from school without carrying a textbook in their book bag.  If there are any questions about the textbook, feel free to contact Ms. Osborn.


Career Cruising - What Is It and How Will It Help Me?

One of the state board of education KANSAS CAN goals is for all JH and HS students to have an individual plan of study that helps them prepare for college and careers.  South Haven is using Career Cruising to help students learn about careers, think about their post high school options, and plan for life after 12th grade.  Students are working in advisory groups during one or two Cardinal Times a month as part of this state wide initiative to ensure students have the necessary skills and plans to be successful after graduation. Students can login to Career Cruising at home using the link on the front page of the website or on their school webpage. The brochure below contains more information about Career Cruising.


Career Cruising Brochure

Career Cruising Logo

Student of the Month

October - Britain Dark

September - Denise Feugate

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