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Junior High School

The 7th grade class has been learning about the math and science involved in flying kites, then made their own kites in Cardinal Time and flew them. 

Junior High Team takes 4th place at first Scholar's bowl of season

JH Scholar s Bowl TeamCongratulations to the South Haven Junior High Scholars Bowl team, who took 4th place at the Central Scholar's Bowl Tournament on February 22. This is our first meet of the season! We are so proud of all our team members. Next up for them is the Scholars Bowl meet on February 23 at Flinthills. Good luck, JH Cardinals!

Student of the Month

May - Kelly Theurer

April - Claire Minor

March - Colby Irey

February - Maddie Minor

January - Avery Strickland

December - Addison Heater

November - Cole Spencer

October - Seth Hallman

September - Dalton Kelly

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Junior High Staff
Contact Robert Adcock  Robert Adcock JH/HS Social Science, 6th Grade Sponsor, HS Scholar's Bowl Sponsor
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Contact Cindy Blunk  Cindy Blunk Family & Consumer Science, FCCLA Sponsor, STUCO Sponsor, Sophomore Class Sponso
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Contact Kayla Eldridge  Kayla Eldridge Audiologist 619
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Contact Emily Harding  Emily Harding School Secretary
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Contact Chris Johnson  Chris Johnson Technology/Test Coordinator
Contact Sue Johnston  Sue Johnston 9-12 IRC Teacher 619
Contact Jami Kuchar  Jami Kuchar School Nurse, 8th Grade Sponsor,
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Contact Jacquie Spencer  Jacquie Spencer IRC 6-12 Paraprofessional 619, Bus Driver
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