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Elementary Rise and Shine

South Haven Elementary

School Creed

I am a South Haven Elementary School Student.

I have great expectations for myself.

I accept the challenge to become the best I can be.

I was born a winner and I will not allow myself to think
of failure.

For those of you who chose to fail, this is your right, but
you do not have the right to take others with you.

Yesterday’s failures are behind me.

Today’s successes are now before me.

I will make today the very best day of all,

For this day begins the rest of my life.

Student Creed

We value one another as unique and
special individuals.

We will NOT laugh or make fun of a
person’s mistakes.

We will use good manners, saying
please and thank you, excuse me, and
let others go first.

We will cheer each other to success.

We will help one another whenever

We will recognize every effort and
applaud it.

We will encourage each other to do our

We will practice virtuous living, using
the life principles.

Elementary School

Third Graders study Electricity

Mrs. Nicholson's third grade class has been learning about electricity. They have studied static electricity, protons and electrons, and connecting and repelling. It has been a "hair-raising" experience. 

Piper Dodds Chosen for KMEA All State Choir

Piper DoddsPiper Dodds, South Haven 5th grader, has been chosen to participate in the Kanss Music Educatiors Association All State Elementary Choir. Piper had to send in a tape as an audition for the Choir. She will be working on the music the Choir will perform until February 27, when elementary students from all across the state will get together to rehearse and then perform the chosen selections. This is the first time that South Haven has had an elementary student chosen for KMEA All State Elementary Choir. Congratulations, Piper!

South Haven Volunteer Firefighters visit prekindergarten

On November 7, South Haven prekindergarten students learned about fire safety from volunteer firefighters Seth Brown, Shawn Pounds, and Lane Hallman. During a visit to the classroom, these firefighters reviewed “Stop, Drop, and Roll,” staying low if your house is on fire, and the importance of working smoke detectors. Students learned that a firefighter wears a special body alarm to help locate an injured firefighter. Smoke detectors and body alarms are very loud! Firefighter gear was put on, including an oxygen tank and face mask, to show students not to be afraid of firefighters in an emergency. This equipment protects firefighters and helps them to do their jobs.

Students were given a tour of a fire truck and saw hoses and special equipment such as “the jaws of life.” They also had the opportunity to walk through the backseat of the fire truck. Watching water spraying from the top of the fire truck was a big hit with this crowd! Students had a memorable experience and later wrote (with some help) about what they liked best about the visit. Thanks volunteer firefighters!

5th Grade Attends safety Day

On September 27th, the South Haven 5th Graders, in cooperation with an additional 150 fifth-graders from surrounding districts, attended the 2019 KanOkla Progressive Ag Safety Day - a collection of presentations by local Health and Safety Professionals including Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, Community Health, Kansas Dept of Wildlife, local utilities, and community volunteers. These presentations targeted safety issues commonly found on farms and small rural communities like ours, including ATV Safety, Electrical Safety, Hand and Power Tool Safety, Wildlife Identification, Grain Bin Safety, and many others.  Students participated in visual demonstrations, question-and-answer sessions, and hands-on skills experience.  

Third Grade Students Study Camouflage

Third Grade Students Go on Scavenger Hunt

Mrs. Nicholson's class went on a science scavenger hunt to find plants, flowers, sand, rocks, glass, metal, etc and categorize those items in sections of physical science, life science, and earth science. Students are holding some of the things they found.

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Pre School

Parents please note: Students attending preschool for the first time are required to have a health physical and meet certain immunization requirements.  Immunization records and a copy of a health physical must be submitted to the school by the first day of preschool.  Thank you,

Nurse Kuchar

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