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School Documents
1/22/18 6:53 PM

Elementary Rise and Shine

South Haven Elementary

School Creed

I am a South Haven Elementary School Student.

I have great expectations for myself.

I accept the challenge to become the best I can be.

I was born a winner and I will not allow myself to think
of failure.

For those of you who chose to fail, this is your right, but
you do not have the right to take others with you.

Yesterday’s failures are behind me.

Today’s successes are now before me.

I will make today the very best day of all,

For this day begins the rest of my life.

Student Creed

We value one another as unique and
special individuals.

We will NOT laugh or make fun of a
person’s mistakes.

We will use good manners, saying
please and thank you, excuse me, and
let others go first.

We will cheer each other to success.

We will help one another whenever

We will recognize every effort and
applaud it.

We will encourage each other to do our

We will practice virtuous living, using
the life principles.

Elementary School

5th Grade Explores Exploration Place

The 5th grade class had a great time on their field trip to Exploration Place. They would recommend it to anyone! Thanks to parents for the pictures of their time at Exploration Place.

Pre-K Students learn about animals

Before Spring Break during our pet unit, prekindergarten families had the opportunity to bring kid-friendly pets into the classroom. Parents shared ihuskynformation about pet care and specific characteristics of their pets.

Our first visitor was Bohen and Brookelynn’s female Siberian Husky named Khaya brought in by their mother, Shayla Crenshaw. She is 12 and has ice blue eyes and very fluffy fur.

Emily Harding, Logan’s mom, brought their six-year-old Miniature Schnauzer Alley. Alley hardly sheds at all and sometimes goes to get haircuts. She enjoys chasing a schnauserball and after baths runs through the house getting water everywhere. 

Greysen’s mom, Calie Trillo, brought a four-year-old Walker Coon named Crash. Crash chases raccoons and squirrels up a tree and then barks that he has “treed” his prey. Crash competes in contests with coonhoundother dogs to see who is the best at treeing.

Grant’s eight-year-old Border Collie mix named Milo came with owner Sadie Dugan. She found Milo when he was about 10 weeks old, abandoned in a box at a Wichita Braum’s drivethru. Grant’s mom explained ways they care for Milo—like trimming his nails, border colliegiving him tough dog chew toys (like deer antlers), and using a special spray called “Hot Spot” on his belly in the summer so he doesn’t get a rash from laying in the grass.

A pet rabbit, “Wiggles,” was brought in by Jessie’s mom, Collina Myers. Wiggles is about a year old and enjoys carrots and lettuce. He likes rabbit treats and can do tricks like hopping in a circle and standing up on his hind legs. He is potty trained and uses rabbitkitty litter like a cat.

During our Farm Animals theme, Macy’s parents Brady and Ashley Reed brought a 3-4 week old white hair lamb. The lamb is fed with a bottle and when older will graduate to eat grass in the pasture and some grain with other boy sheep. Girl sheep (ewe’s) hang out together separate from the males. Males grow horns, and sometimes females can grow horns too. Sheep are good at eating weeds and can be little lawn mowers!haired sheepThank you to everyone for bringing their animals to school. We really enjoyed seeing all of them!

Before Spring Break the First Grade Class read a story about Flat Stanley. They created their own Flat Stanley to take with them on their adventures during Spring Break. The pictures are of the first graders presenting their stories and pictures of them and Flat Stanley.


In January, sophomore Callie Locke brought a special gift to the preschool classroom—a costume tree! An important element of the preschool classroom is our dramatic play area where students engage in pretend play and practice role playing. Sometimes this play is enhanced by the use of costumes such as community helpers like police officers, fire fighters, and doctors. All these costumes end up in a tub in a big wrinkled heap and needed a classier way to be displayed.

For an assignment in her Woodworking Principles 1 class taught by Mr. Brian Byers, Callie looked at pictures of commercial costume trees in school supply magazines and came up with her creation in about four days. Her project resembled a tree with branches, leaves, and painted grass for a base. Students will be able to hang clothing on a lower level and hats on an upper level. The top is completed with a cardinal mascot. Students will use this costume tree for years to come. Thanks Callie! 

2nd Grade Studies Westward expansion of the U.S. 

This month (January) the 2nd grade class has been learning about the Westward expansion of the United States.  We have covered a variety of topics including; steamboats, Sequoyah, canals, Trail of Tears, Oregon Trail, Pony Express, Transcontinental Railroad, buffalo hunters, and Lewis and Clark. We put together a picture quilt of our lessons and discussed the importance of quilts. The students also enjoyed a visit from the NASA group.  They talked about their clothing, fans, and dancing.  We will end this week celebrating Kansas' birthday. 

Email the Administrators
  Dorsey Burgess Superintendent
  Ron Levan PreK-12 Principal

Pre School

Parents please note: Students attending preschool for the first time are required to have a health physical and meet certain immunization requirements.  Immunization records and a copy of a health physical must be submitted to the school by the first day of preschool.  Thank you,

Nurse Kuchar

Elementary Staff
  Kendra Adcock 4th Grade
  Codie Berntsen 619 TVI Teacher
  Casey Blokzyl Gifted Teacher 619
  Cindy Brown PT Paraprofessional 619
  Shelly Brown Bus Driver
  Annette Broyles School Aide
  Sharilyn Brumley Kindergarten Teacher
  Debra Burgess PreSchool Teacher
  Kristin Chisham K-12 Vocal Music, Scholar's Bowl Sponsor, School Play
  Tricia Cook 619 IRC Elementary Para
  Nobie Cooper IRC K-6 Paraprofessional 619
  Heather Drews Occupational Therapist 619
  Sarah Freelend (620) 892-5215 ex: 2114 5-12 Band/Music Appreciation, Freshman Sponsor
  Jared Grillot 5th Grade
  Danielle Hall Elementary Aide
  Winifred Harvey 619 HI Teacher
  Mike Heater Health/Physical Education, Head Girls BB Coach
  Chris Johnson Technology/Test Coordinator
  Jami Kuchar School Nurse, Freshman Class Sponsor,
  Lisa Kuchar 2nd Grade
  Jon Mages Special Education Program Director 619
  Donna Mathews K-12 Library Aide
  Casey Mraz Elementary Aide
  Kalli Nicholson Title I Teacher, 8th Grade Class Sponsor
  Crystal O'Hair 1st Grade, Sophomore Class Sponsor
  Lisa Ouellette Assistive Technology 619
  Rena Parcher Preschool Aide
  Lynette Pauly Speech Language Pathologist
  Laura Pennington 619 School Psychologist
  Deb Ray School Secretary, HS Cheer Coach, Pep Club Sponsor
  Lucein Ross Physical Therapist 619
  Breanna Stroman (620) 892-5215 ex: 2105 School Social Worker,
  Kori Visor-Lawarence 619 Audiologist
  Robert Weber Elementary/JH PE, Head Boys BB Coach, Head HS FB Coach
  Ciara Wiley 3rd Grade Teacher, Asst. JH Volleyball Coach, Asst. JH Girls Basketball, Asst.
  Jennie Willard K-8 IRC Teacher 619
  Arlene Wilson Art K-12
  Paige Zulkoski IRC Paraprofessional 619