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KDHE Guidelines For Schools

The KDHE Guidelines for COVID-19 and schools may be found below: 

KDHE Guidance for Schools

COVID-19 Protocols at South Haven Schools

USD 509 District Covid Action Plan UPdated 1/10/2022

Per action of the USD 509 Board of Education at their regular meeting on January 10, 2022, USD 509 will: 

● Attempt to treat COVID-19 as any other infectious or contagious disease as directed by KS 65-122. 

● Exclude known positive individuals from attendance based on current CDC/KDHE guidelines.

  • Symptom onset/ testing date is day 0

  • Return after 5 full days if symptom-free (6th day)

    •  72 hours fever-free without the aid of fever-reducing medications (per USD 509 illness policy)

● Maintain data of positive cases 

● Communicate possible exposure to parents (as with other infectious diseases)

● Offer diagnostic testing with parent consent on a voluntary basis 

● Continue with the mask optional policy based on parent/guardian preference 

We will NOT: 

● Exclude students from school based on close contact status or vaccination status. 

● Require the testing of students as a condition to stay in school or participate in activities. 

If your child has or develops any of the following symptoms, please keep him/her home and contact your health care provider for further instructions: 

● A fever of 100℉ or greater ● Muscle Pain ● Cough ● Headache 

● Shortness of breath and/or difficulty breathing ● Sore throat 

● Chills ● New loss of taste and/or smell ● Repeated shaking with chills

If your child remains symptom-free, they will NOT be excluded from school or related activities. 

USD 509 testing will continue to be made available to students on a voluntary basis. If you would like information on testing provided by the district or have any other questions, please contact the school office for further information. 

It is our goal to keep you informed of any potential situations affecting your child’s health and to continue to provide the safest environment for your child during these times.