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KDHE Guidelines

The KDHE Guidelines for COVID-19 testing and quarantine may be found below: 

KDHE Testing/Quarantine Guide

COVID-19 Protocols at South Haven Schools

Stay, Learn, and PLAY Guidelines

Close Contact Definition-

  • You were within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more
  • You provided care at home to someone who is sick with COVID-19
  • You had direct physical contact with the person (hugged or kissed them)
  • You shared eating or drinking utensils
  • They sneezed, coughed, or somehow got respiratory droplets on you

Quarantine Options-

  • If vaccinated-no quarantine necessary
  • Quarantine at home for 10 days from last exposure, if you have no symptoms you may return on day 11.  (No testing option)
  •  Quarantine at home for 8 days from last exposure, if you have no symptoms, you may get a PCR test on Day 7 and if it is negative you may return on Day 8.
  • If you are a close contact, you may get a daily nasal swab (Antigen test) for 8 days after exposure at the school. If the test is negative, you may go to school and participate in activities that day. 

If you are positive-

  • If symptomatic-10 days from appearance of symptoms and 72 hours fever free
  • IF asymptomatic-10 days after positive test



For students testing at school:

  • Students/families can opt in for testing at school due to contact with an individual who has tested positive:

    • Each student will need a consent form to be signed and will be required to wear a mask throughout the day. 

    • Please have students at the school in time to take the test and get to class on time. 

      • Testing will take place in the North Commons starting at 7 am. 

    • USD 509 is currently using Covid-19 antigen tests. 

      • The tests have a 15 minute waiting period before results are available.

      • If the student tests negative, the student is allowed to remain in school and participate in school events. Students will be required to wear a mask on days that require testing.

      • Regardless of a negative test, outside of school the student would still need to be quarantined due to their recent exposure. 

      • The KDHE STAY to LEARN and PLAY Guidelines only apply during school contact hours. 

USD 509 BOE Approved: 8/9/2021

USD 509 Testing Protocols 2021-22


  • TEST TO STAY AND LEARN PLAY: This plan provides the resources to test susceptible close contacts daily during their quarantine period with the goal of keeping close contacts who test negative on-site and in-person learning.
    • Participation in this test strategy effectively reduces or eliminates the need for close contacts to miss in-person school after exposure to a case.


  • OBJECTIVE: To keep students on site with in-person learning, while promoting a safe and healthy school environment.
    • Testing provided for Covid-19 with antigen and or PRC test options made available by KDHE.


    • Requires parental consent.
    • Student or staff is symptomatic or has had a known exposure to a confirmed Covid positive individual.
        • Antigen testing will be performed and results obtained before the start of every school day in the designated area.
        • Testing will continue for 8 days as long as the result is negative.
        • Negative antigen test results = return to normal school day
        • Positive antigen results = follow up with rapid PCR
          • If PCR is negative - return to normal school day
          • If PCR is positive - proceed with sending home and contact tracing will begin
        • Vaccinated individuals may be asked to test on day 5 and 9 with a PCR.
    • All students and staff will be tested on a “need-to-test” basis either directed by being a “contact of a case” or due to being symptomatic.
    • Sports teams will NOT be on a routine testing program.


    • On-site testing will allow students to remain in the building while being monitored vs off-site in remote learning.
    • Testing will remain on a need to test basis with parental consent and support.