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The Cardinal Way

The Cardinal Way
muscle repair

Natural High 4

Benefits of Dark Fruit
Benefits of Dark Fruit
Athletes Need More Sleep!
Athletes Need More Sleep!
Negative Effects of Alcohol
Negative Effects of Alcohol

Life of an Athlete


Life of an Athlete Research

What research shows on the negative impact of alcohol and other drugs (AOD).  Research was conducted by Olympic Trainer and Life of an Athlete founder John Underwood.


-Athletes who drink are twice as likely to be injured (54.8%) as non-drinkers (24.8%).

-High school athletes lose 15%-30% from their overall performance when they drink alcohol.

-Reaction time can be reduced up to 38%, this translates to how quickly you get off the line, off the starting block, swing a bat, or block a shot.

-The use of AOD interferes with training, recovery, and adaptation effect. A body trying to itself of AOD cannot heal or recover as quickly because drinking dramatically reduces HGH and testosterone.

-40% of young people who start drinking before the age of 15 will become alcoholics at some point in their life.

-Consumption of alcohol reduces the blood flow to the brain which directly relates to decreased athletic performance: decreased speed, agility, strength and concentration, all key factors in the success of an athlete. 

Power Back Diet

Life of an Athlete Power Back Diet created by John Underwood.  


Pre Competition/Workout Food Choices- to perform your best eat a high carb, moderate protein, low fat meal 3 hours before training or competing, followed by a snack every hour

3-4 hrs. before

-Toast bread with jam or honey + sports drink

-Baked potato + Cheese + Fruit Juice

-Breakfast cereal with milk

-Pasta or rice with sauce

1-2 hrs. before

-sports bars, fruit, fruit-flavored yogurt, low-fat chocolate milk

Less than 1 hr. before

sports, drinks, sports bar, raisins 


Post Competition/Workout Power Back Diet- there is a very important timing and nutritional window for recovery to take place.  

Step 1:  take in 4-6 ounces of a very sweet drink for Glucose or Fructose, this quick sugar intake results in release of insulin which makes your fuel depleted muscles uptake glucose from your blood stream, restarting the fueling process

Step 2:  take in fast protein (liquid form) such as chocolate milk (12-16 oz), protein shakes, or yogurt.  Liquid protein is utilized easier, aiding recovery, and optimizing training effect.

Step 3:  within one hour eat a nutritional meal containing 75 grams of carbohydrates.