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Audio-Visual Communications

Courses Offered Grade Levels Courses Offered Grade Levels
Business Essentials   Graphic Design  
Computer Applications   Digital Arts/Media Technology  
Photo Imaging   Project Management & Resource Scheduling  
Graphic Design Fundamentals      


What do I do in class?


Whether you have an interest in photography, writing or technology, there are opportunities in journalism! Students write, edit and publish stories on the school website, and in the yearbook. 


Are there other benefits to me in the A/V Communications pathway?


YES! Students are 

What careers could I have in this pathway, and how much money could I earn?


Below are a list of some of the careers in the Audiovisual Communications pathway.


Career Choice Salary Range Education Requirements
Audio-Visual Technician $23 - 75K HS Degree, 2 year technical degree, or 4 year degree
Computer Animator $30 - 100K 2 year technical degree or 4 year degree
Graphic Designer $25 - 75K 2 year technical degree or 4 year degree
Sound Engineer $22 - 100K 2 year technical degree or 4 year degree