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Construction and Design

Courses Grade Levels Courses Grade Levels
Introduction to Industrial Technology   Woodworking Principles  
Drafting/CAD   Carpentry II  
Carpentry   Remodel & Building Maintenance  


What will I do in class?


Students will create projects for their own use as well as learn how to read blueprints and develop a plan of procedure. The class includes instruction on shop safety, lumbering practices, and measurement & layout. Students will learn jointery, finishing, wood grading and estimating to prepare them for employment. Instruction will also include .


What other benefits are there for me enrolling in the Construction and Design pathway?


Students in Carpentry II and Remodeling and Building Maintenance classes manufacture products that are sold to community members and at other places. Profits from these projects are placed in a fund used for scholarships for concentrators and completers in the program when they graduate. 

What careers are available and how much money can I make!


Below is a list of possible careers in the field of Construction and Design.


Career Specialty Earnings Range Education Reguirements
Architect $55 - 120K 4 year degree or more
Carpenter $12 - 35/hr 2 year college or technical training
Construction Manager $50 - 150K 2 year or 4 year degree 
HVAC Technician $13 - 32/hr HS Diploma or 2 year technical degree


student constructing a box from wood

For more information:


Brian Byers

Construction Instructor

(620) 892-5215 x 2