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3-Year-Old Preschool

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12:00-3:40 pm


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Bell, Frank
Brown, Shelly
IRC K-6 Paraprofessional 619, Bus Driver
Byers, Brian
Maintenance & Grounds
Byers, Dale
Bus Driver
Cole, Joy
School Secretary
Jordan, Joyce
School Nurse
Knoffloch, Rick
Bus Driver/ Custodian
Price, Brooke
Clerk of the Board, Accounts Clerk
Russell, Missy
Technology Coordinator
Simmons, Lacy
Weekley, Jenny

Office of the Superintendent

Student Enrollment in USD 509

Active Students Per Grade
as of March 1, 2017
  Total Male Female
3-Yr-Old Preschooler 8 1 7
4-Yr-Old Preschooler 8 2 6
Total Preschoolers 16 3 13
Kindergarten 17 10 7
1st Grade 17 11 6
2nd Grade 16 7 9
3rd Grade 14 6 8
4th Grade 14 7 7
5th Grade 9 4 5
Sub-Total (Elementary) 87 45 42
6th Grade 16 9 7
7th Grade 12 7 5
8th Grade 21 8 13
9th Grade 12 6 6
10th Grade 13 8 5
11th Grade 17 6 11
12th Grade 17 8 9
Sub-Total (JH/HS) 108 52 56
Total Students K-12 195 97 98
Total Students with PreSchool 211    

How Would the Governor's Budget Proposal Affect USD 509?

As part of his budget proposal for the coming fiscal year, the governor has proposed putting all 286 school districts health plans into a state employee health plan and requiring districts to purchase food, fuel, technology and maintenance through centralized purchasing at the state level.  


The governor believes consolidating health plans will save administrative costs and expenses for the school districts.  He is forecasting a saving of $40 million next school year (which is part of a fiscal year) and $80 million the following year. A state health insurance pool for education is one of the proposals in the efficiency study commissioned last year by the legislature.

Last year, the legislators introduced a bill  but did not pass a school district purchasing proposal. The governor is revisiting this citing a saving of $7 million the first year and $9 million the next.  The details of how the centralized purchasing would work and whether it would extend to routine maintenance (changing a light bulb for example!) have not been revealed.


If these proposals become law, the school district's general fund will be reduced by the amount of the projected savings to the district.  The rationale for this is that if the state is helping us be more efficient we do not need the funds.  How much our general funds will be reduced has not been revealed.  In the past, schools have made efforts to become more efficient and we have been able to divert 'saved' money to the classroom. With this proposal, the 'saved' money will stay in Topeka.


If the health plan and central purchasing plan don't save the expected amount, our budgets will still be cut as part of efforts to address the revenue shortfall.


USD509 tries to buy locally where possible, so not only are we concerned about the effect on our school general fund budget, but we are worried that our local businesses/suppliers will be especially affected by the central purchasing plan. 


We will be keeping our district patrons apprised of the actions of the legislature throughout this session. The contact information for our representative, Anita Judd-Jenkins, and our senator, Larry Alley, are found at the bottom of the homepage if you wish to contact them about these proposals. 

Email the Superintendent

Archer, Lynn
Superintendent USD 509, Principal PreK-12

Lynn Archer, Superintendent

Lynn Archer, Superintendent

Superintendent Lynn Archer graduated from Kings College, London,  England. She worked as a research scientist in the National Health Service and for a private company before retraining as a teacher.  Lynn moved to the United States in 2007. She remains a British citizen and holds a green card. Lynn was a teacher at Ewalt Elementary in Augusta before becoming an administrator in South Haven. She obtained her Masters in Building Leadership and her District Leadership License from Wichita State and is currently completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Southwestern College in Winfield where her dissertation research will be on comparing the employability skills of high school students with three or more career and technical education credits to their peers. Lynn has twin sons. Jacob is a junior at WSU majoring in Business, and Thomas is a junior at Belmont University in Nashville majoring in Audio Engineering.