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Supporting Your School District Through Your Purchases

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USD 509 supporters (23 households) who shopped at Dillons between 7-1-2017 and 9-30-2017 (Cycle 2017, Qtr 3) have contributed to a $157.98 total donation.


To enroll, go to, and enroll or edit your information to select South Haven School # 74244. Every time you shop at Dillons using your shoppers plus card, Dillons will donate to South Haven Schools. All proceeds go to providing technology to our students. And you don't have to do a thing once you enroll and select our school!

Turn Trash Into Cash for Our School

Help us by sending these to the school instead of into the trash:

Buying a Texas Instrument product for school?  Send the points to the school!

Kellogg's labels

Used markers (permanent and dry erase) and pens


Best Choice (upc codes and receipts from any store that sells Best Choice products)


Old cell phones and ink cartridges

Little Bites wrappers

Coke point rewards

This list can change as we find other offers, so please keep checking back and send in frequently so our time doesn't expire on the products


(Send them with a student or to Melinda Byers)