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Sarah Osborn Locker

Sarah Osborn

Welcome to JH Math and Science!!!!


My name is Ms. Osborn and I teach 6th-7th grade math and 6th-8th grade science.  I also teach a new class called Makerspace.

For more information on that class keep checking my site.


My schedule is as follows:


1st hour   6th grade science

2nd hour  7th grade math

3rd hour   plan

4th hour   6th grade math

5th hour  11:58-1:13 seminar

lunch 12:22-12:46

6th hour  8th Science

7th hour   7th science

8th hour Math MTSS and Makerspace


Makerspace is the last part of the day for JH who are not in sports.  Any time the students are not in practice they will come to makerspace.


Makerspace is a time for students to learn skills/tasks that they want to learn.  There will be things like technology that they could later use for a project in any class, art, sewing, etc. Hoping that students will soon be making requests on what they want to learn.   


In order for us to do these things, there will be supplies needed.  The following is what we are looking for at the moment.  We are not necessarily looking for new or the best.  

  • Art supplies
    • paints
    • canvas or art paper
  • Sewing
    • yarn
    • thread
    • needles (crochet, knitting, or regular sewing needles)
    • cloth
  • tech
    • wire
    • batteries (9v, D, C, AA, AAA)
    • other electrical counterparts

Keep checking for a more updated list.  If you have a project idea please feel free to send me an email at

Contact Ms. Osborn
Contact Sarah Osborn  Sarah Osborn Junior High Math & Science, JH Math Relays Sponsor

If you wish to talk to me

My planning period is from 

I can be reached at 620-892-5215 Ex 1