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Pep Club

Basketball Homecoming King Candidates

South Haven’s 2017 winter homecoming theme is “Take Me By the Hand”, and the homecoming song is Check Yes or No by George Strait. We asked all the candidates a few questions each to know more about them.

The homecoming senior candidate is Braydyn Wilkey. We first asked who his role model in their life is, Braydyn said his brother Blake was his role model. The second question we asked Braydyn was if he could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Braydyn said he wanted to go to Hawaii for the scenery there.

The junior candidate is Lucas Cully. The first question he was asked was “If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money.” Lucas said he would save their money and not use it all up. Lucas’ second question was what is his greatest fear. Lucas said his biggest fear was spiders, but the big ones.

Colby Theurer is sophomore homecoming candidate. One of the questions we asked was “If you could get away with any crime, what would it be?” Colby said it would be plagiarism, so he could get all his work done easily. The other question Colby was asked was if he could turn into any animal what would it be, to which he replied, “An eagle, I would never get killed by anything.”

Finally, the freshman candidate is Taylor Mclain. We asked Taylor the question of “If you can travel anywhere, where would it be. Taylor said, “I would travel to Maine, it’s a beautiful state and I want to go to college there.” Taylor’s other question was “what is your favorite movie?” Taylor said the Goonies was his favorite movie.

BB HC - Thursday - PJ Day

BB HC - Thursday - PJ Day

Homecoming Queen Candidates

This year's Winter homecoming female candidates are freshman Mariah Newberry, sophomore Mariah Meyer, junior Megan Giger, and senior Summer Moncivias. We ask them a series of questions to try to get to know them a little better and they replied.


Freshman candidate Mariah Newberry’s role model is Alaina Resendez. If she could go anywhere in the world she would choose Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Mariah would be a dog because all people need a companion, Mariah says. If she won the lottery she would buy her grandpa a new house.

Sophomore candidate Mariah Myer’s role model is her mom. If she won the lottery the money would be spent on a lot of cats and dogs. She would travel to California because “it looks like nice scenery” according to Mariah.


Junior candidate Megan Giger’s role model is Jenni Cully. Her favorite movie is “Thelma and Louise”. Her greatest fear is drowning. If she could travel anywhere she would choose Georgia. Megan would be a sloth because they are slow.


Senior candidate Summer Monsivais’s role model is her mom. She would love to travel to Japan because of their great culture. Her greatest fear is the dark. “Deadpool” is her favorite movie.


The Queen will be crowned on Friday, February 10th at halftime of the boys game against Central. The theme is take me by the hand. Homecoming song is George Strait’s “Check Yes or No”. Homecoming colors are turquoise and silver. Games start at 4 pm.

BB HC - Tuesday - G-ma & G-pa Day

BB HC - Tuesday - G-ma & G-pa Day

BB HC - Monday - Frat Day

BB HC - Monday - Frat Day

Fall Homecoming

South Haven Cheerleaders Are Ready to Pep Up the Crowd

South Haven Cheerleaders Are Ready to Pep Up the Crowd

Back Row: (L to R) Britain Dark, Hannah Newberry, Lizzie Giger, Tiffany Liersmann, Lilah Bowlby, Kami Butler, Jaenamae Haskins

Front Row: (L to R) Kyla Baker, Jenni Grado-Leon, Kendall Ray, Kylie Watts, Maddy Wise

Pep Club Officers 2016-17


President  - Jennifer Grado-Leon
Vice-President - Kendall Ray
Secretary - Cade Dvorak
Treasurer - Kylie Watts

About Pep Club

Pep Club is a service organization that seeks to promote school and community spirit in support of interschool competitive activities. Any student is eligible to join. The junior high and senior high each maintains a Pep Club to support their respective programs. The Pep Club sponsors buses to away games, organizes and supervises pep assemblies and cheering sections at games, and conducts service related projects promoting inter-shool activities. Pep Club sponsor is