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The Nest

The Nest Culinary Arts Students Deliver the First Tacos

The Nest Culinary Arts Students

The Nest Creates Delicious Meals for Students

The Nest is the meal service conducted by the Culinary Arts classes. Each day a nutritious meal that meets the federal guidelines for school lunches is served. Students and staff must let Mrs. Blunk know by 9 AM if they wish to have a Nest lunch.

The Nest Lunch Menus

Meals will be $6.00/day or you can purchase a week of meals at a time for $30.00. However if you miss a day of meals, the meal price will not be refunded or made up in an upcoming week. A week runs from Monday to Friday.


February Menu

November Menu

October Menu

Tacos From the Nest

Looking for something to feed your family? Tired of cooking each night? Let the Nest help you by preparing soft tacos for your meal. Six tacos are $12 and 12 tacos are $24. Funds raised are going toward the student patio outside the district office. To order, contact Mrs. Blunk at 620-892-5215 x 2, or any of the Nest students.

The Nest Take Out Menu

Click here for the take - out choices you can order from The Nest. You can get items to feed two, four or six people, as well as cookies, breads, etc. Check back for more choices!