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Emergency Safety Interventions Policy GAAF

Bring Your Own Device Policy

High School students will be allowed to use their smart phones in class, with teacher permission, for educational purposes.  Students wishing to take advantage of this will need to have a BYOD form signed and visit with Missy Russell to have their device registered.   Board policy on taking photographs with devices haven't changed.  


High School

Nutrition Class Holds Salsa Contest

Each year the high school nutrition classes are challenged to make the best salsa they can, with the student body as the judges for the contest. Money raised from this contest is used for projects for the classes. This year the winning salsa was prepared by Hunter Meyer, Madison Smith, and Cooper Wolf. Second place salsa was made by Sydney Bacon and Grace Theurer. Kendall Ray and Garrett Bacon had the third place salsa. Congratulations to the winning teams.

Rachel Wins Gold and Megan Places in 4 Events

Several students had to back out from going to math relays at the last moment, but these 12 individuals represented our school well.  Cooper Wolf placed 5th in Polynomial Operations, Rachel Turek received our only gold in Rational/Irrational and also placed 2nd in Number Sense, Kayden Wolf placed 4th in Word Problems, and Megan Giger scored in all her events (3rd in Word Problems, 4th in Probability/Stats, and 5th in Calculator Computations and Graphing).  The Algebra II team of Cade Dvorak, Chris Arreguin, and Rachel Turek also placed 4th.  Thanks to all of you who went and supported our Math Relay team!

Cade Dvorak Wins Trip to Washington, DC

A Wheatland Electric representative make a surprise visit to South Haven on March 5 to present Cade Dvorak an award for winning the Wheatland Electric Youth Tour trip to Washington DC in June. Cade had to apply for this trip, and was selected from all the students applying in the Wheatland Electric territory.  The trip provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about electric cooperatives, interpersonal communications and leadership skills. Congratulations, Cade!

South Haven Students Bring Home the Medals at Cowley Math Science Day

South Haven attended the Cowley County Math & Science Day on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018.  This was the biggest group that Cowley professors could remember having.  There were 11 different high schools at the competition.  South Haven was well represented and won these awards:

1st Algebra - Megan Giger

1st Chemistry CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) - David Moreland & Garrett Bacon

3rd Chemistry CSI- Brionna Byers & Leah Bowlby

1st Teaching Demo - Leah Bowlby 

2nd Critical Thinking - Cabrie Dvorak & Brittney Byers

3rd Critical Thinking - Kayden Wolf & David Moreland 

Top 5 in Physics/ Physical Science - David Moreland  & Jonah Williams

"All the students represented our school extremely well!  I am super proud of all of them!", stated Mrs. Wiley, science teacher and sponsor for the day.


One of the state board of education KANSAS CAN goals is for all JH and HS students to have an individual plan of study that helps them prepare for college and careers.  South Haven is using Career Cruising to help students learn about careers, think about their post high school options, and plan for life after 12th grade.  Students are working in advisory groups during one or two Cardinal Times a month as part of this state wide initiative to ensure students have the necessary skills and plans to be successful after graduation. Students can login to Career Cruising at home using the link on the front page of the website, or on their school page. The link below contains more information about Career Cruising.


Career Cruising Information

A Work Ethic Certificate - Why Should I Do This?

What's in it for you? What's in it for the school? What's in it for the community? All these questions are answered when you read the brochure linked belowChallenge yourself and get involved in the Work Ethic Program today. Visit with Mr. Pittman by September 9 to sign up.


Why Should I Get a Work Ethic Certificate?

Student of the Month

April - Sydney Bacon

March - Slade Wiley

February - Megan Giger

January - Lucas Kuchar

December - Jessica Brown

November - Kayden Wolf

October - Macy Palmer


Email the Administration
Contact Seth Pittman  Seth Pittman Principal Gr. 6-12/Activities Director
High School Staff
Contact Casey Blokzyl  Casey Blokzyl Gifted Teacher 619
Contact Cindy Blunk  Cindy Blunk Family & Consumer Science, FCCLA Sponsor, STUCO Sponsor
Contact Brian Byers  Brian Byers Woods Teacher, Maintenance Director
Contact Melinda Byers  Melinda Byers Business, Mathematics, VPL, FCA Sponsor, JH Math Relays Sponsor, Junior Class
Contact Deana Carothers  Deana Carothers 6-8 English/Language Arts, Forensics, School Play
Contact Kim Clark  Kim Clark OT Para
Contact Joy Cole  Joy Cole School Secretary
Contact Heather Drews  Heather Drews Occupational Therapist 619
Contact Kelli Dvorak  Kelli Dvorak IRC 6-12 Paraprofessional 619
Contact Sheila Fulton  Sheila Fulton HS Mathematics, HS Math Relays
Contact Mike Heater  Mike Heater Physical Education
Contact Natasha Jenkins  Natasha Jenkins Social Science Teacher, Yearbook Advisor, JH Scholars Bowl Sponsor
Contact Sue Johnston  Sue Johnston 9-12 IRC Teacher 619
Contact Ashley Kanelakos  Ashley Kanelakos School Psychologist
Contact Jami Kuchar  Jami Kuchar School Nurse
Contact Brandon Leach  Brandon Leach Social Science & Computer Science, Yearbook Advisor, Senior Class Sponsor, HS
Contact Tasha Mangold  Tasha Mangold HS English/Language Arts, School Play Sponsor
Contact Donna Mathews  Donna Mathews K-12 Library Aide
Contact Seth Pittman  Seth Pittman Principal Gr. 6-12/Activities Director
Contact Lucein Ross  Lucein Ross Physical Therapist 619
Contact Missy Russell  Missy Russell Technology Coordinator, Computer Apps and Technology Instructor
Contact Dr. Paul Smith  Dr. Paul Smith Elementary Music, Band 5-12, Music Appreciation
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Contact Breanna Stroman  Breanna Stroman (620) 892-5215 ex: 2105 School Social Worker
Contact Seth Stroman  Seth Stroman Agriculture Education, FFA Sponsor
Contact Stephanie Waldschmidt  Stephanie Waldschmidt Speech Pathologist 619
Contact Twaila Wiley  Twaila Wiley Science 6-12, JETS Sponsor, NHS Sponsor, American Indian Youth Leadership Coun
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