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Bring Your Own Device Policy

High School students will be allowed to use their smart phones in class, with teacher permission, for educational purposes.  Students wishing to take advantage of this will need to have a BYOD form signed and visit with Missy Russell to have their device registered.   Board policy on taking photographs with devices haven't changed.  

I hope that this change in policy will allow more students to have access to a BYOD device and help them learn how to use technology responsibly.  Please call me if you have any questions.

Lynn Archer

School supplies

Here is the school supply list for 2015-16.

High School

Rewards for Tickets

Click here for the menu of rewards.

Prom Memories

Cade- Go Karts

Kendall- Group Pictures

Cynae- The nasty donuts

Colby- Hitting people in Go Karts

Garrett- Dancing

David- Decorations

Joe- David hitting Lane with a ball

Kayden- Desserts

Lillian- Donuts

Megan- Everything except the bus ride

Jeana- Causing a water stress ball to explode on her date

Shianne- Dancing one last time

Braydyn- Dancing in a circle with the seniors

Lane- Last dance

Jenni- Singing with the senior class

State Participants and Results

State Science Fair was held at the Sedgwick County Science and Discovery Center on March 31. David Moreland, Megan Giger, Dallas Anderson, Sara Wilson, Slade Wiley, and Taylor McLain were state qualifiers from South Haven. David, Dallas, Sara, and Megan were rewarded for their competition.

David Moreland tested the soil type and the yield it produced. He tested this project because it is a real life problem for him. He thought he did pretty well at state and place third in division one Earth and Environmental Science.

Megan Giger experimented the effects of the decay soda has on the teeth and enamel. She won third place in division 1 in the chemistry category. She hopes to do even better next year.

Dallas Anderson and Sara Wilson studied the speed of a muon. A muon is a cosmic ray particle. Dallas and Sara won a special award from the U.S Metric Association for their efforts.

Congratulations on making it to State!

Learning About Anatomy

Student reflections:

What I learned was that everyone is different on the inside there is always one or more things that make you unique. I don't know what I thought about going to see the dead body. We saw a female and it was pretty interesting. I learned the difference between an artery and a vein. The artery is thicker. I also learned about the liver and the digestive system. They showed us the muscles too and how they pull and move together.  - Carolyn


February 28, 2017 my Anatomy and Physiology class went to Southwestern College to go to the Cadaver lab to see the inside of a human body. I was a bit worried about how it was going to go. I was worried about how I was going to react when I first saw the cadaver. I felt like I was going to pass out or not be able to handle it. When we first showed up to Southwestern I was worried. The teacher of the Cadaver lab talked to us and told us about himself and what he teaches. Once we went into the room with the cadavers I relaxed a little bit. The guy was very calm and had a sense of humor. Which helped me relax and not be so worried. Seeing the cadaver didn't bother me, I was kind of scared to touch everything but once everyone else did so did I. After we were done looking at the cadaver he asked if we had any further questions. Once we were done asking our questions and had washed our hands. He tried to convince us to go to Southwestern for college and that he would love to see us all there again, preferably as a student.  Overall the experience was fun and it is something that would be cool to go to again. Also it would be a cool class to be in when I go to college.  - JaenaMae


The trip to the cadaver lab at Southwestern College was an exhilarating experience. It was unnerving at first but, ended up being an excellent learning quest. As a class, we learned tons of new things about how the body works and looks. Although I wouldn’t want to see another corpse anytime soon it was a great class adventure.  - Alaina


4 Months of a closed ecosystem

Nutrition Class Prepares Salsa for the Annual Salsa Contest

On March 1, students of South Haven Junior High/Senior High got to taste the results of the salsa making competition and vote on their favorite salsa. Third place salsa was prepared by Dylan Chase and Rustin Blaylock. Prize for second place went to Alaina Resendez, Abby Johnson, and Hunter Broyles. The first place salsa was prepared by Colby Theurer and Shianne Howell. This is Colby's second year on a first place salsa team. Guess we will have to call him the Salsa King! Congratulations to all the salsa winners.


One of the state board of education KANSAS CAN goals is for all JH and HS students to have an individual plan of study that helps them prepare for college and careers.  South Haven is using Career Cruising to help students learn about careers, think about their post high school options, and plan for life after 12th grade.  Students are working in advisory groups during one or two Cardinal Times a month as part of this state wide initiative to ensure students have the necessary skills and plans to be successful after graduation. Students can login to Career Cruising at home using the link on the front page of the website, or on their school page. For more information about Career Cruising, click HERE.

Student of the Month

May - Megan Giger

February - Rachel Turek

January - Sara Wilson

November - Tiffany Liersemann

October - Alaina Resendez

September - Garrett Bacon


Email the Administration

Pittman, Seth
Asst. Principal/Activities Director

A Work Ethic Certificate - Why Should I Do This?

What's in it for you? What's in it for the school? What's in it for the community? All these questions are answered when you read the brochure found HEREChallenge yourself and get involved in the Work Ethic Program today. Visit with Mr. Pittman by September 9 to sign up.

High School Staff

Anderson, Candace
School Psychologist
Bauck, Kayla
High School English, Drama
Blokzyl, Casey
Gifted Teacher 619
Blunk, Cindy
Family & Consumer Science, FCCLA Sponsor
Byers, Melinda
Business, Mathematics, VPL, JH/HS Scholars Bowl, FCA Sponsor
Carothers, Deana
6-8 English/Language Arts, Forensics, NHS
Drews, Heather
Occupational Therapist 619
Dvorak, Kelli
IRC 6-12 Paraprofessional 619
Fitch, Jessica
Gifted Paraprofessional 619
Fulton, Sheila
HS Mathematics, Math Relays
Green, Laramie
Psych Paraprofessional 619
Heater, Mike
Physical Education
Howe, Steven
Vocal Music
Johnston, Sue
9-12 IRC Teacher 619
Kuchar, Jami
School Nurse
Leach, Brandon
High School Social Studies
Mathews, Donna
K-12 Library Aide
Ross, Lucein
Physical Therapist 619
Smith, Dr. Paul
Band 5-12
Spencer, Jacquie
IRC 6-12 Paraprofessional 619
Stroman, Breanna
School Social Worker
Stroman, Seth
Agriculture Education, FFA Sponsor
Welden, Danielle
IRC Paraprofessional 619
Wiley, Twaila
Science 6-12, JETS Sponsor, American Indian Youth Leadership Council Sponsor
Wilson, Arlene
Art 7-12, Computer Graphics, Yearbook
Zulkoski, Paige
IRC Paraprofessional 619