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Empowering Parents

MTSS - Meeting Each Child's Needs

Schools across Kansas are using a system to make sure students gain the academic, social-emotional and behavioral skills that lead students to successful, happy, safe lives, both now and wherever their future college and career plans lead them. This approach is called MTSS, which stands for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support.

The first layer of instruction in academics, social-emotional skills and behavioral expectations is called "universal" because it is provided to all students. Whether reading, science, behavior, or 21st Century soft skills, these lessons are provided to all students and will meet the needs of most students, most of the time.


For those students who need another layer of support — either extra practice or greater challenge — there are "workshops" that provide the additional time when an educator can work with a small group of students who need similar support. A few students may need yet another layer of support — one-on-one time with an educator, for example — until more skills are learned.


Rather than wait for students to struggle or become bored, we are proactive in assessing how students are progressing in all three areas — academics, behavioral skills and social-emotional learning. Providing supports as early as possible helps make sure that students have the best chance for mastery and success!

Kansas Board of Regents College Information

A fairly new resource from KBOR on searching programs and costs from Kansas colleges and universities is available on their web site.




This online tool identifies all institutions, degree titles and allows you to search for key words that generates a complete list of all the options in Kansas for that area of study.  Users can then generate a comparison chart that shows information on items like Resident Tuition, Fees, Room and Board, Books and Supplies and more.  Each of the institutions will also display an estimated cost for 4 years with the wage and employment information for that area.