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Illness and School Attendance

We are moving into the time of the year when we will see more student illness. For this reason, it is important to remind our patrons about the policy concerning illness and school attendance. In the fall of 2009, the school board approved certain policies regarding fever in students.  If a student is determined to have a fever at school, that student will be sent home and needs to remain out of school until the student is free of fever for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication such as Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin).  This also applies if parents discover their child has a fever at home outside of school hours. Fever is only one criteria for determining that a child is ill, but it is a crucial one in determining that a child may have an illness that is contagious and more serious than a common cold. We ask that parents adhere to this policy and not send students back to school too soon. For more information see the "From the School Nurse" page under the district tab.

Attendance Policy

If your student is absent from school for any reason, a phone call or note from a parent or guardian is required for the absence to be an excused absence.  If your student needs to leave school early and will be driving themselves OR be picked up by someone other than a parent or guardian, you will need to call the school in advance for the student to leave early with that person.


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Contribute your photos to the Year book via Replayit.com

We know there are lots of photographers out in the community who snap great shots of our kids in action. With Replayit.com you can upload photos and videos that Jostens team will screen for appropriateness and then the Year book team will be able to access them and decide if to include them in the printed publication.

Sign up at Replayit.com or download the App!

View Family Meal Accounts Online

PARENTS--You may now access your student(s) meal account online or by using an iPhone.  This is a view only program.  Due to the cost, we are not utilizing the online payment features.  Parents will be able to use this program or app to view your family meal transactions and balance.  The documents below explain the registration process.  If you choose to use this program or app, you will need to call Carla in the high school office to receive the Patron ID of your student(s).  Phone Number:  620-892-5215 X2

EZSchoolPay Registration

EZSchoolPay How To Guide

Got Dried Out Markers?

.....Or pens, mechanical pencils, or any writing utensil with a plastic coating that doesn't work?They can all be recycled for our school.  Please go through your drawers and send them to school.  Mrs. Byers would like to send in a box at the end of the year.

Other items to not throw away:

  • Crayons
  • Pencils (colored and regular)
  • Box Tops labels
  • Best Choice labels
  • Tyson labels
  • Campbells labels
  • Old cell phones
  • Used ink cartridges

We appreciate all your help.  All items can be sent at the same time.  We will sort them out.  Thanks for taking the time to make a great school greater!

Also, there is a red trailer by the Ag building to throw sacks of aluminum cans in.  Or call a junior, and they will come get them for you! Thanks!

Send Campbell's Labels

They are going to be offering some double point incentive in May, so please send your collection to the school.  Even though this offer is for Campbell's, now is a good time to send in all the different things you have been collecting for our school.  Thanks for all you do!

Happy Retirement!

Teachers Honored Tuesday, May 12

Mr. Showman Explains the Need for a 33% LOB

School finance issues in the state of Kansas continue to consume a lot of ink in periodicals around the state. The Kansas Legislature and Governor Brownback have passed “Block Grant” funding legislation which reduces our district’s state aid by about $41,000 for the 2014-15 school year. Funding for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years will basically be fixed at the 2014-15 funding level. This will give the legislature time to design a new funding formula will keeping school funding flat. The problem is that this reduction of state aid funding not only cuts district budgets late in year but also places a greater burden on local property taxes to make up the difference the next two years.

You may have heard politicians telling us that Kansas is spending more for public education while educators are saying schools are receiving less. They both are right to a certain degree. The state is spending more money now on education than since the end of the “Great Recession” but schools are not seeing that money because the major increase is going into the state retirement system. The fact is that since the “Great Recession”, we have seen Base State Aid Per Pupil (BSAPP) drop from $4,400 (2008-09) to $3,780 (2011-12) and back up to $3,852 for this year. The only way for districts to make up the difference is to increase their LOB which places a greater burden on the local land owner.  

          Since the 2008-09 school year, we have seen a great reduction in General Fund revenue which has resulted in a greater reliance on LOB funding. Comparing non-special education General Fund totals between 2008-09 ($1,948,474) and 2014-15 ($1,505,802) reveals a $442,672 reduction in funding. To fill the funding gap, we have had to increase LOB from $350,000 in 2008-09 to $659,994 for this year. Combining the two funds still leaves us down $136,333 in revenue which has resulted in cuts. Even with our LOB at 33% like it is this year, we are significantly down in funding from 2008-09. This year we were able to raise the LOB to 33% if we were already at 31% which is why we had an election to allow the 31%. Now we have a special mail ballot election scheduled for June of this year for voters to determine whether we can keep the 33% LOB. If the election is defeated, we will be down about $170,000 instead of about $130,000 from our 2008-09 budget for the 2015-16 school year. With most district operations costs increasing, continuing to maintain programs will be that much more difficult. If you have any questions please call John Showman at the 620-892-5215. Thank you for your support.   

Senior Graduation Was Saturday, May 16

Senior graduation took place on May 16 at 2:00 pm in the South Gym of South Haven School.  Congratulations to all of our graduates!  Click on names to read about each of them.


Rachel Baxter                                                        5551558522014.image.jpg

Wyatt Carner

Jonathon Cink

David Erickson

Lane Hallman

Monica Harris

Ronda Kelly

Donavon Knoffloch

Sasha Liersemann

James McConnell

Will Moreland

Deborah Morrison

Todd Ray

Audrey Schuster

Baylee Tanner

Hannah Wilson

Luke Wilson

School Year Calendar

District Budget Information

Click here for budget information for USD 509 for the 2014-15 school year.

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USD 509 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Superintendent, 229 S Kickapoo, PO Box 229, South Haven KS 67140.

New items added to collect for our school

Kellogg is now offering rewards!

In case you aren't current on the list, here it is:

  • Kellogg's
  • old pens, marker, and mechanical pencils
  • BoxTops
  • Campbells
  • Tyson
  • Best Choice
  • Receipts from grocery stores that sell Best Choice products
  • old phones
  • old ink jet and printer cartridges

Thanks!  Keep collecting....you can give them to Melinda Byers or drop them off at school.

KanOkla Phone Book Collection by NHS

Old KanOkla phone books are being collected by National Honor Society members.  If you would like to donate your old KanOkla phone books, please turn them in to the high school office or contact an NHS member.  Thank you!!!

1356617196316_w235.jpgTo report bullying or harassment, click HEREYou do not have to give your name. You may also use the Bullying Tip Line on the South Haven Schools mobile app.

Turn Trash to Cash

Help us by sending these to the school instead of into the trash:

Used markers (permanent and dry erase) and pens



Best Choice (upc codes and receipts from any store that sells Best Choice products)


Old cell phones and ink cartridges

Little Bites wrappers

Coke point rewards

This list can change as we find other offers, so please keep checking back and send in frequently so our time doesn't expire on the products


(Send them with a student or to Melinda Byers)


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Our Location

Click here for a map to the school.

Questions About the Website? Email:

Webmaster, USD 509
District Staff

Contact Your State Legislator

Representative Kasha Kelley
Kansas House Dist. 79
PO Box 1111
Arkansas City, KS 67005
Kansas State Capitol
300 SW 10th Ave, 
Room 459-W
Topeka, KS 66612
Phone: 785-296-7671

Senator Steve Abrams
Kansas Senate District 32
6964 252nd Road
Arkansas City, KS 67005
620-442-8619 or 620-442-8804
Kansas State Capitol
300 SW 10th Ave
Room 224-E
Topeka, KS 66612


Parents Online/Students Online

To sign up for Parents Online, please call Carla in the High School Office at 620-892-5215 X2.  Parents Online and Students Online is a web tool designed for parents and students to access student information online.  Information included is:  Attendance, Behavior, Calendar, Fees, Grade Card, Immunizations, Personal, Progress Reports, Schedule, Transcript, and Community Service.

Update Your Email Address

Parents--Please make sure you have an updated, active email address on file in the high school office.  This will ensure that you receive correspondence with staff members.  Thank you!